Wrecked a/c system

I loved high university, i went to a good all kids high university in the center of the city. It was the best more than three years of our life. I made lifelong friendships there with several of the women that I attended university with during those more than three years, however so, when our 25th high university reunion was announced, that was a single event I was not going to miss, and they went ahead and decided to have in the summer season time, since our town is pretty mild during the summer season weeks. If anything, it can actually surprise you with a cold front, but never entirely sees much of a heatwave until late October. The reunion organizers really thought they would be safe with an outdoor event, with an option to go indoors if it was too cool indoors. The location was set up with an Heating, Ventilation and A/C system, but no a single even considered asking about that particular aspect. They never thought they would need the heating system and most definitely knew that the air conditioner wouldn’t be necessary, well, that was an unexpectedly large mistake, it turned out. On the day of the reunion, the town was seeing record temperatures as a heatwave blasted through the entire region, not a single place has air conditioner installed, for the town just doesn’t see this kind of heat. It turns out that our place didn’t consider it either. They had not had their Heating, Ventilation and A/C plan ran tests on in quite some amount of time, since they didn’t have to access it love most places do. When they went to turn on the air conditioner, absolutely nothing happened. There was only silence and no cold air coming from the many air vents. In an instant the entire organizing committee when into a panic. They knew this was going to be the ultimate disaster.

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