Worried space heaters will light on fire

I am too poor to buy a new heating system. What my apartment needs is a central heater device. The heating system should be connected to ductwork to warm up every room in my house. Instead, I have a dead heater and a ton of space heaters to get through Winter. I hate my space heaters. The space heaters were given to me buy people overtime. So of course, the space heaters are not in the best conditions. Most of them are blackened with melted pieces on them. This is because at one point they caught on fire. I am so worried now that the space heaters will catch on fire in my house. I have smoke detectors, a fire extinguisher and I also have a large pail ready on my sink. Even with all of these supports in place, I still freak out. The worst is at night for me. I don’t want to go to sleep for fear that will be the night the space heaters light on fire. What would I do then? I would not be nearby anything to stop the fire. I also can’t sleep without some type of heating. I have a heated blanket and mattress pad. But I have to use the space heater as well because the bathroom pipes would free and I would freeze to. I really need to start saving for a larger heating system or just to replace the scary space heaters. I am getting no sleep and I am always stressed over the possibility of the heating system dying on me.

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