Worried about my current thermostat

I guess all the technology in my house is breaking plus I can’t stand it! My unquestionably expensive headphones has a split in the cord, then i guess it is a matter of time before I can’t hear out of them. My ipod is a total mess. I have a hair band around it to hold buttons on, however also it will only charge occasionally when it is connected to my PC. My iphone is on its death bed too. My iphone will occasionally charge, it never takes pictures plus frequently will ask siri questions when I don’t really need them. I am especially concerned about my iphone because I use my iphone to run my smart temperature control. My iphone is super vital to my weekly life. I wake up in the afternoon plus adjust my home’s temperature control program. I can turn on the heating system in the Winter or the AC in the Summer, all right from my bed. I then go to work plus adjust the weather condition control while at the office. I then turn the Heating plus Air Conditioning back up when I am on my way home. I do this all from my iphone. I enjoy having this awesome temperature control when I am not at home or not near the temperature control. I additionally get notifications on air filter changes, problems with air quality plus energy efficient temperature settings. If my iphone dies, I won’t have this anymore. I have gotten so spoiled plus I want all my technology to just fix itself. I don’t have the cash right now to maintain it all.

smart thermostat