Working on my heating system

My daughter is growing up really quickly. I don’t know where the time has gone! It seemed like just yesterday she was tinkering with dolls, and going off to her first day of school. Today, she was in high school and trying out for the cheerleading squad! She made that squad easily. I knew she’d be able to because she has danced most of her life. The practices were harsh though. During the playoffs for football, her school’s furnace shut off unexpectedly. They usually practiced inside, so they were not prepared while using proper clothing. They reserved that for any actual outdoor games. So, they had to practice without the heat of the furnace warming them up. I do not know how she did it! She laughed and said it was like jumping around in a giant freezer with the air conditioner running. They did manage to maintain their warmth though. All that jumping around caused them to be their own human heating system. After that first day of practice without a working heating system they made sure to pack their outdoor gear regularly. The furnace was supposed to get fixed by a local HVAC technician by the end of the week, but they also were not going to take a chance. I don’t blame them! A furnace is important in this weather, even if you’re running and jumping all over. The next day wasn’t that bad. They still didn’t have a furnace, but at least they’d brought their warm clothes. They actually got better practicing in the cold. The lack of a working furnace served to make them better cheerleaders all around!

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