She won’t use the HVAC

For the past few years, I have had an unusual job. I am a personal design specialist and I work on a contract basis for several clients. There are times I am very busy and others where I only have one or two assignments a week. I do have a couple of regular clients which means that I can pay my bills on a regular basis. The vast majority of my job is great. The only disadvantage is that a few of our clients are very picky. One of them wants to shop at thrift stores or flea markets instead of traditional department stores. This, of course, makes shopping a lot less enjoyable than normal. Instead of browsing quiet, air conditioned department stores, we are driving around,from store to store, without an air conditioner. This one particular client, does not like department stores and doesn’t believe in having an air conditioner in his home. He thinks that the use of air conditioning is wasteful, and that people used to get along fine without it.  He doesn’t see the need to waste money and fuel in such a senseless way. He always tries to tell me that I should not have air conditioning as well. He refuses to use the air conditioner in his car, and he actually had the HVAC dealer show him out to disable the thermostat in his home during the summer so that he would not be tempted to use it! I dread working with this client. He also feels the need to ask me about my own HVAC usage. Once he asked me how powerful my air conditioner was and how much fuel it used. I told him that my HVAC usage is my own business, and that I am his stylist, thus not accountable to him!

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