Window Air Conditioner

When I bought my house 3 years ago, it came with a 3 car garage, and above the garage was a partially finished attic. The plan had always been to finish it; all it needed was dry wall, ceiling and flooring. The 40 x 20 foot area had been framed, insulated, electric added, cubbies and windows added, and a wooden staircase leading down into the private back entrance of the garage. It could be the perfect apartment, work studio, office, but it had been my dream to make it into my office/ art studio. After 3 years of hemming and hawing, I decided to start small. I divided the length of the room in half, the front, street view was going to be my art studio side, and the backyard view my office. Since my office currently resided in the house, the art studio was more pressing. I hung a heavy split curtain and two rolling doors in the center of the room to divide it, and started to envision my project. One thing the previous owner had not included in the pre-finishing touches was a heating and air conditioning unit. It was already June, and the noon day sun made the room unbearable. Since it was a smaller and singular area, the most cost effective and wisest decision was to purchase two seperate window units; 1 for each side.of the division, but for now the art side needed one today. I went to the hardware store and found a model that was designed to cool the square feet of the area measured off. Once in place I turned it on. It didn’t work all that well with the walls not in place as it tried to overcompensate, but as each wall went up, the studio dropped in temperature, and in two weeks I had the studio I had always envisioned, cool and comfortable thanks to a inexpensive, reliable window air conditioner perfect for that space.

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