WIFI and HVAC equipment

Have you heard about the benefits of a smart thermostat?  With this modern technology, can connect to the Wi-Fi in your house and control your HVAC system from anywhere, using your smartphone. If you have never considered the advantages, you should look into it. I have recently invested in a smart thermostat.  I upgraded when I needed to replace the old thermostat  in my house. I live in the South. It can often start out a little chilly in the morning and then turn hot and humid by the time I head home from work.  Having the ability to change the temperature settings while away from home would be extremely convenient.  On those  afternoons that the temperature changes by twenty degrees while I am away from home, I could adjust my use of my HVAC system. On the mornings when it starts cold, I typically run the gas furnace.  As the day warms up, there’s no need to operate the heating system. I rather not come home to a hot and sticky house, and pay excessive gas bills for no reason. The smart thermostat would allow me to turn off my gas furnace, and if need be,  turn on my a/c.  I could use  my smartphone to accomplish this.  I would not need to leave my desk at work. No matter what the weather brings,  I would always return home to perfect comfort.  I would not need to make adjustments to the thermostat directly.  I would not need to wait for the cooling system or the gas furnace to turn on and heat or cool the house. A smart thermostat not only improves comfort, but help me save money on heating and cooling costs as well.  I have only had the thermostat for a short time, but it has been a great investment.  

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