Why I did radon testing

I would love to know what it is like to live “on the edge” rather than settling into a boring adult lifestyle. This is why lately I have refused to have a normal 9-5 task or settle down in the same spot where I was born and raised. I still want to go to heavy punk shows and try to get into trouble from time to time in order to keep life a little more interesting. That being said, I did not ever intend to find myself in the horrible position of living in a Radon contaminated household! In fact, I really never even knew I should be thinking about this Radon substance until it was too late. I’ve learned that recently that the natural gas is completely without any smell, is transparent, and undetectable to human beings without the help of a Radon test kit. Luckily these check ups are commercially available so all homeowners should have the ability to check their own home for harmful Radon levels. But, I don’t believe that almost everyone are aware of this typical carcinogen or the potential threat to their breathing. I was easily unaware until the other morning, when a guy from the EPA walked over to our front door and asked if he could possibly run a real fast environmental test in our yard and household. Of course, I allowed him to do this with his specialized gas detection kit, and within an hour he was handing me stacks of educational paperwork explaining that I was living on top of a natural Radon source.

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