Western climates and heat

My girlfriends & I decided to take our College placement exam at the same time. The city where our test was held, was about an hour away from my home. It seemed right for a bunch of us to travel together  in order for us to save cash on gas. Two of my friends & myself all experienced our college tests on a Sunday afternoon. Every one of us woke up early that morning, so that we could be certain to arrive to the testing location on time. The building appeared dilapidated from the outside, & it did not look genuinely good from the inside. That was the first time I had ever visited the testing site, & I had not been genuinely impressed. My friends & I took a seat inside of a room that had almost 50 desks. Each desk had been filled with a student. I sat down at 1 of those empty desks, & waited for our test to begin. About 4 hours after I received the testing packet, I felt a drop of water on my neck. I glanced up above, only to see that the air conditioning system vent was dripping right down onto my face, once again. I attempted to ignore that dripping air conditioning system vent, but it appeared to speed up as my test went on. The air conditioning unit vent had been driving me crazy, & I asked the Proctor on my break, if he could do something about this problem. That dripping air conditioning system vent had been so high in their ceiling that we could not locate a ladder tall enough to shut it or adjust it. I switched my desk to the front of that room, so that their A/C vent could no more drip on my neck.

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