We’re dealing with some issues

I’m sure in hell daily these days while I am starting to undergo menopause. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon for me when I am in my early 50’s, but I learned it actually is different for everyone. The worst part of it for me is having no control over your system temperature. I have always been an exceptionally even keeled person in regards to heating and cooling. I am the one in the family that can go with the flow with any temperature on the thermostat. And let me tell you that goes a considerable ways in the grand scheme of things with friendship and housemates. But, now my body’s so screwed up that the initial hint of heat scares me away and I want my air conditioner immediately. I carry around a portable fan with me always since I can never get cooled off enough from just the cooling unit. I feel I am similar to a total freak. My favorite past time now is driving, since I can sit in my car while using the air conditioner running full blast merely to cool down at my express comfort. Finally, I noticed there was no relief visiting me any time soon so I had to find a better solution at home since I would have to be cooler more often. I called the HVAC company to have an assessment to which they delivered someone that day! There ought to be a solution to this insanity. He told me about zone control cooling and heating enabling you to program the thermostat to any temperature you wanted in every single room! This was perfect for me! I could be in my cold cave and not be an upset to anyone else in my house!

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