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So I reside along the northern border of the country, the weather is a larger concern.  For the vast parts of the year, the climate is really cold.  Even while I was in the warmer times plus cooler seasons, we often need to rely on the gas furnace.  During the Wintertime, the snow will come in feet, the temperature drops well below freezing, plus the windchill is downright hard to deal with.  Keeping a warmer property is a constant challenge.  It’s also quite a bit of cash.  I do everything possible to eliminate energy waste.  I have added onto the roof on our house plus installed all new windows.  I’ve added insulation to the upstairs, walls, plus ceiling, plus meticulous sealed around plumbing piping, electrical outlets, plus outdoor areas.  Despite all that stuff, our gas furnace seemed to run constantly plus our biweekly energy bills were draining our budget.  Since the gas furnace is not absolutely aged plus features an impressive AFUE rating, I was not sure what is next.  I finally consulted with our Heating as well as A/C company, plus he then told me that I need to invest in a whole-beach house humidifier.  With the gas furnace heating all of the time, the air in the beach house tends to not have any moisture.  The deficient amount of humidity makes the air feel so much colder, which leads to higher temperature control amounts.So after the humidifier was installed, I was able to decrease the temperature control by almost 2 degrees.

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