We all get along

Last year I was out front trying to fix up from Winter season, as well as getting some flowers planted.  It was almost June, and the snow had finally all melted.  We’d been so ridiculously busy, that we didn’t even notice the temperatures had been steadily falling.  I heard the phone ringing so I picked it up.  As I was talking to my mother, she heard an exclamation asked what the problem was..  It had actually started to snow, and she called me a big liar.  I set the cellphone to record a video, then I sent it to her.  All of us had massive snowflakes that had already turned the ground white.  I brought all of my yard component up to the house, and I put them in the porch room.  My hubby was right behind.  All of us turned the temperature up on the thermostat, and we all sat down in the living room.  He started to laugh and he told me this was a sign that I should be instead watching that new film.  That so for that day, we decided to listen to the furnace kick on and watch the entirety of that movie.  He was so content that he went to sleep with the heating blasting on his chair.  I was so ready to get outside, but there were already many inches of snow. Instead, I decided to curl up on the couch, closest to the heating vents. Then I took a long nap.  Next week, the weather forecasters were calling for temperatures in the sixties. They also have cooling systems as their new contest prize.