I wanted to go home

About seven years ago I decided that I needed to choose a new hobby. I was the type of person who would just sit around discovering exciting events. Enough was enough, and I knew it was now time to make my own exciting events materialize! I took a class on how to fly a small jet, and I eventually got my pilot’s driver’s license! It was exciting, but I work up such a sweat while flying that afterward all I wanted to do was go home to my air conditioner. A week ago I had a pretty stressful flight, so I was sweating profusely by the time I landed. I changed into a clean, dry shirt before climbing into my truck with its air conditioner. I took a few moments to catch my breath before driving home. I was relaxed by the time I got there; nevertheless I still needed my air conditioner to help me relax fully. I went to my thermostat and switched on my cooling system to an ideal level, then sat down to attempt to simmer down. I don’t know why the air conditioner calms me down a great deal. Maybe it’s a combination of the humming sound the HVAC system emanates when it gets turned on and the cool air itself. I didn’t care too much about that at the time though. All I cared about was the soothing power of my air conditioner, and a wonderful night’s sleep. After about an hour of sitting in my air conditioned state of peace, I managed to get up to take a pleasant warm shower. It was bedtime for one very tired pilot!

cooling system