We want a new pet

I have recently been visiting different pet stores just about all week, hoping to find a sort of dwarf hamster for my sister. I noticed the indoor heat was always a chilly in these places. I suppose this keeps the many germs down, as well as the vivid pet smell. In every circumstance, the stores were clean and cool. I imagine there was also a type of sanitizing air purifier in place, for the smell to become so good, with all these different creatures about. Today nevertheless, I found a pet store with not a working air conditioning system in place. The indoor quality of air was so bad, it not something anyone should be breathing, whether they be human or animal. When I questioned the manager regarding this matter, he assured me that the HVAC had only just today stopped working. He had called an air conditioning repair man out and he was gonna fix the HVAC unit. He was waiting on a technician’s arrival any minute apparently. I are unsure why, but I did not trust  that manager and I’m stopping back by tomorrow to see if the air conditioning has been fixed. Those poor animals had been so hot, and the humidity inside the store was ridiculous, even with the two fans set up to circulate mid-air. The smell was another very horror story, with the workers together with animals stuck inside breathing this. The manager explained how dangerous it would be to prop the door open for even a little fresh air. I helped open some windows before I actually left. All I know is which air conditioner best be working soon or there is going to be some trouble for the store.

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