I want to live in the warm weather

I spent the initial forty years of my life in the northern part of the country with my family, where the weather is normally very cold. Our priority was definitely our heating system, and we needed powerful equipment to undertake the extremely low temperatures. In my house, we had a boiler system which has been very effective and energy successful. Although a boiler does not accommodate any type of cooling system, this wasn’t a problem. Our summer season was relatively mild, and a central air conditioner wasn’t necessary. We managed the few hot days we had using a few box fans and a mobile air conditioner. When we moved lower south, my focus shifted to trying to handle the extreme heat and humidity. We needed a remarkably powerful, reliable, and energy efficient cooling system to handle it most of the year. Unfortunately, we still needed heating system for the brief but chilly winter we have. I spoke with a local HVAC contractor who recommended a good heating pump. A heating pump combines both cooling and heating capacity into one convenient and energy efficient unit. During the warmer months, the heating pump operates like a standard air conditioner, transferring heat from inside the home. When the weather gets lower, the heating pump reverses direction, finding the heat in the air and pumping it within the house. Because this process fails to require the burning of fossil fuels to create heat, a heat pump is entirely safe to use and helps to protect the earth against the greenhouse gas emissions. I like that we can easily switch between cooling and heating, and quickly raise or lower our temperature.

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