I want to have a good thanksgiving

We tried for several years to have a child, before we decided it was time to see a specialist. After many test and the agony of waiting for results, we found out today my wife is infertile. This added heartbreaking news and we mourned the loss of our unborn children that would never be. After some time passed, we agreed to look into adoption. During the interview process, as we prepared for the home visit, our old air conditioning system failed on us. This would never do, we live in a very hot part of the country and no one would consider us proper parent material if we could not even offer the proper ventilated environment to a child. I called our local HVAC company right away. We decided to purchase a ductless mini split air conditioning system with a smart thermostat. We also added air purifiers to several of the rooms, for an added measure. The purchase price was a little high, but we new we would save money in the long run because the new a/c would be so much more energy efficient. The new equipment is perfect to keep the temperature exactly where it needs to be, at all times. The home visit went well, and interviewer loved the upgrade to our HVAC system, seeming to want to purchase similar HVAC equipment for her own personal home. The room purifiers were a hit too. A few months later, we brought home a two year old little boy. He is the joy of of hearts.

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