Waking up to a HVAC repair

Last year I woke up to a terribly stressful situation. The night before had turned into 1 of the coldest in our towns recorded history. The chilly temperatures had dropped to a frigid 12 below zero! I set our smart thermostat to a whopping 70 degrees, just to make sure our family didn’t freeze to death tonight. That turned out to be a massive mistake. When I woke up the following day, our old house was cold! I must have overtaxed our furnace, because it had stopped heating our old home at some point while I was asleep. I immediately called in our local Heating + Air Conditioning supplier to get a certified Heating plus Air Conditioning worker to visit our home ASAP. Hopefully it would be nothing but a quick furnace repair, because it was supposed to be cold that night as well. The Heating + Air Conditioning supplier told me that the quickest they could send out a Heating + Air Conditioning worker wouldn’t be until late afternoon. I was slightly ticked off, however luckily I had a fireplace in my kitchen to keep me sizzling hot while my kids and I waited. There was no grade school that morning, so we all gathered around the fireplace to sip of some sizzling cocoa. It was absolutely wonderful fun! As the fireplace warmed up our bodies, our souls were warmed up by memories and old stories the kids and I shared with each other. Finally, the Heating + Air Conditioning worker arrived. She took a quick look at the furnace, and was absolutely able to fix the problem in a jiffy. I was so grateful to her I didn’t even bother to ask her what the problem was. I was just ecstatic that my cranky old furnace would stay on task that night to keep the family warm.

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