Vacation A/C

I have been on vacation with my family for the past few days. It has been totally awesome. I love vacationing with them because we never get to do it anymore! My brother and I are both grown and out of the house, so whenever we are all together now is really something special. It happens so rarely and we cherish every moment! This vacation, however, has been excruciatingly hot. The weather has exceeded 100 degrees farenheit every day, which is great because we are in a beach town and the sun has been shining and giving us some great tanning time, but we have desperately needed air conditioning. Thankfully, our hotel has an exceptional HVAC system and the air conditioner in our room is awesome. It is so cold in there every night, I have had to sleep with a sweatshirt! Usually this would annoy me, but not here. I am so happy to get out of that heat and into the nice cold air conditioned air. When you have a sunburn, the cold air and the cold sheets feel really nice on your scorched skin. Air conditioning is an absolute must in this town, and I am so thankful that we have it in our room! Sometimes, hotels don’t have air conditioning and it can be really, really brutal. But here, thankfully they have it and it has been absolutely saving our lives! Tucking yourself into a comfortable bed in a nice air conditioned room is exactly how I want to end my day on a hot island, it is absolutely perfect!

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