Using garage for an extra room and needing a HVAC system

When my husband, Marshal, and I first bought our house, we made sure we had four bedrooms including the master bedroom. If we had three extra bedrooms, we would have room for six children comfortably. Unfortunately, or not, Marshal and I have six children and a baby who sleeps in our bedroom. I am also expecting another baby quite soon so we are running out of room in our house. My oldest boy is going to college and he’ll be gone but my second oldest who is living in the same room is taking a year off before college. Marshal and I were thinking about moving our second oldest, Jake, to the garage which we don’t use anyways. Sadly, we have no air conditioning or any heating in the garage. This is not suitable for Jake since during the winter we have extremely cold weather in our neighborhood. We consulted a local HVAC provider about possible solutions; he suggested a variety of ductless systems. Marshal and I went with a ductless heat pump which provides heat and will also cool the room. We had a HVAC technician install the heat pump quite quickly and Marshal cleaned up the garage for Jake. When we had it installed, we had warm summer weather and the heat pump quickly cooled the room. Marshal and I were very impressed and Marshal set Jake up in the garage while I changed his old room into the new baby room. Jake has been in his new bedroom for a while now and he has never had a complaint about the temperature at all. We are very happy that we decided to use a ductless heat pump in our garage for Jake.

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