Using electric

When my friends and I were in our physical math class, we were easily discussing the uncommon types of different resistors. There are many types of resistors including high power resistors, Precision resistors, and also there are types of high-voltage resistors. We were working on a project that included having to work with 4 different people in your class. We had to build an electric train, including all of the different electronic components. Three of us had decided to start building the model train, well myself and a friend were starting to work on all of the details of the electronics and the remote controls. I was looking for the kit that included all of the resistors, but I could only find too. There were supposed to be two different packs of resistors. We needed tiny little resistors for the remote controls, but there were resistors that were a little bit bigger that were for inside of the train parts. I continue to search through the box, but I couldn’t find the resistors that we needed anywhere. I decided to walk over to the professor and tell him that we were missing parts to our box. He told us that that easily happens, and to get more pieces out of a different kit. I thought we might be in trouble for losing pieces, but I was happy that the professor wasn’t upset about the missing resistors even in one bit. My classmates and I work very hard on the project and finished it a few days later. We finally were able to get a B+ on the project.

high voltage resistor