Upping how much I use the heater

This is only the beginning of winter here in the northeast, the first week of November to be exact, and I am already over it. Call me a wimp, but I much prefer the warmer seasons of the year when it’s not so cold outside. I wish that the temperatures never fell below forty degrees year ‘round. Alas, where I live the temperatures often fall well below that. And I mean really below that!  I try not to complain, but winter lasts so long that it seems like it will never end. No matter what I do to get warm, I always feel cold. And my type of feeling cold is the type that goes deep down inside my bones. The only way I make it through the winter months is by keeping my home nice and toasty. Some tell me that I keep my house too warm for their liking, but I have to have the thermostat set at least as high as seventy two degrees. I know that there are many who are less fortunate than I when it comes to heating their homes. I’m so glad that we spent a bit more on our HVAC system because it’s truly awesome. No matter how cold it gets outside or how cold I feel, it is always there for me – ready to crank out the warmest air.  I tell people that there’s nothing better than the sound of my furnace starting, blowing fabulous heated air throughout my home. I get teased about it because I’m so passionate. My husband claims that I like our furnace more than him!  I just laugh and tell him, “of course I love you more than our furnace…but you’ve got competition!”