Unexpected repair

I do a little bartending on the weekends for some additional money. Just the other weekend, it was an interesting experience that I recall. There was this guy that I have never seen before that strolled into our bar this one day wearing cowboy boots. I probably wouldn’t have thought too much about it, but he was wearing the whole cowboy attire with the spurs, the hat and all. I wouldn’t have been surprised to see a horse outside of the bar. A little later, it started to become overheated inside of the bar. I was thinking about calling an HVAC technician, but the cowboy said he knew a thing or two about fixing HVAC systems. I was a little hesitant but then thought, what was the worst that could happen? So I showed the man to the HVAC system and he was able to get it fixed in roughly 15 minutes. I was really impressed and he only used a few tools that we had on site. When I asked him what I could give him in return for fixing our HVAC system, he said it would be nice if I covered his meal. I was more than happy to pay for a simple meal than pay for a costly HVAC system repair. It was nice because our HVAC system worked great for the longest time after that encounter with that strange cowboy. The owner of the bar was actually surprised that I didn’t call for HVAC service. He thought the system was fixed by a professional. With the impressive work that the guy did, I figured he really was some sort of professional.

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