Trip to the museum

Just last weekend, I took my family to this museum. We went there hoping to have a good time, and it wasn’t quite what we had expected. The museum itself was nice, but we had this tour guide that was really annoying. This guy was basically a know-it-all and he kept complaining that he had a bad headache. Seriously, this guy was giving me a headache. The HVAC system in the place actually wasn’t working very well, so it was becoming somewhat overheated inside. The tour guide actually said he needed to take care of this emergency situation and abandoned the tour. I was actually kind of relieved he was gone, because he was just making it a terrible experience. Not too long later, there was a big boom and smoke coming from the area of the HVAC unit. Apparently, this guy thought he could fix the HVAC system in the museum and just caused further damage. Later on, we witnessed the guy getting yelled at by his boss. It was kind of a funny sight to see, but it was a little sad as well. They had an official HVAC repairman there about 20 minutes later and he was able to fix everything in a short while. It was finally nice when the A/C clicked back on. The tour guide came back to us later and asked if he could show us around the museum some more, and we refused and went on our way. The experience was so much nicer without that guy around, and when the A/C finally started working again. Clearly, that guy didn’t know what he was doing.

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