Too many appointments

When I know that I am going to be home for a few days, I try to get done as much as I can. This week, I knew that I had a lot of house projects that I needed to get done. I needed to have someone look at a plumbing issue I was having, then I needed an HVAC tune-up, and a piano tuning. For some reason, I did not think things through, and I scheduled all of those things on the same day within an hour of each other. The piano tuner arrived first. I knew that he would need at least two hours to work, so I tried to give him some space. Then, the HVAC technician arrived. He was mostly outside, working on my HVAC unit, but he still needed to come back and forth inside a few times. Of course, every time, he got in the piano tuner’s way, and both of them were frustrated, and I was embarrassed. Then, just when things were getting awkward, the plumber showed up. Now, I had to steer him back to the guest bathroom without getting in the piano tuner’s way, or the HVAC technician’s way, which was no small feat! Thankfully, the plumber was able to fix his issue quickly, so I paid him and sent him on his way. Then, the HVAC technician left, leaving a perfectly-working air conditioning system behind. Finally, the piano tuner left, and I was left alone. I was so happy that I avoided complete disaster, but I will never do that again!

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