Tiny transitions

When my husband and I decided to build a tiny house, we knew exactly what kind of cooling system we wanted to use. We had heard of people using window unit A/Cs and even small portable air conditioners, but we had something else in mind. We wanted to use a ductless mini split air conditioner because we know how efficient, attractive, and affordable they are. In the past, we had a mini split A/C in our home office, and it worked like a dream. It was remote controlled, and it required very little upkeep. Aside from that, it was so quiet that it was never a distraction to me. In fact, in comparison to a window unit A/C, I hardly ever noticed that it was running! I knew that a quiet A/C would be essential in a tiny home because there is no extra room to escape the noise. Aside from that, I wanted to know that the air coming from our  cooling system would be evenly dispersed. The mini split A/Cs are so powerful that this is rarely a problem. They are able to pump cool air through all corners of a space, and I knew that this wasn’t the case with portable air conditioners. We are nearly done with construction on the tiny home, and I feel confident that we will have an excellent finished products. I can’t wait to move in and start living smaller than before! I have been wanting to to downsize for quite some time now, and it’s finally becoming a reality.

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