This is a gorgeous home

I am on my way home to see my parents. I haven’t come back home in about four years because I can never seem to get away from work, however, I finally had a small window and thought it would be a fine time to visit. Now that I am here I remember why I never return. They live in a tiny village and everyone is the same since I left. It is rare that someone departs or goes  out on their own, I recognize it is just that small town way of life. I hate having to bump into people I knew growing up and talking to them about what I do now, and another thing that grinds me about our parent home is their cat, they got him when I left for my job and he is so annoying. I am sitting here trying to get some work done and he is just trying to scratch at me the whole time. I want to try and get some work done while I am here so I am not swamped when I get back. The wireless keeps going in and out and it is almost impossible to actually do anything. Another thing keeping me from being able to work is the a/c. It is about ninety-five degrees in our parents house, they don’t ever want to turn on their Heating and Air Conditioning system ever. I tried to turn on the a/c but they said that I could not. I am over here trying to work and perspiring profusely because the air conditioning system isn’t turned on. I am going to have to go to a local cafe where the a/c is turned up to get some work done!heating and air