Third floor of a dorm-heat rises so I am hot no matter the season

I live on the third floor in an all girls dorm. The dorm lifestyle is not that bad. You have easy access to food, showers and entertainment. I also don’t have to worry about any type of bill while I am living there, I take care of all college expenses once a year. I just wished that I lived on the first floor rather than the third. The simple reason is temperature control. The college dorm HVAC system is located on the first floor. By the time the air reaches the third floor, it is not the temperature I want it at. In the Summer the AC is pumping out cold air on the first floor. The first floor has quality air conditioning, the third floor is swelteringly hot. The reason for this is heat rises, so all the hot air from levels one and two reach our third floor. Honestly in the Summer I feel like I am in a sauna. The windows are too small to fit window air conditioning too. So I just have to make do with simple box fans that take up space and that are dirty. In the Winter the boiler system heats the first floor perfectly. Again, that heated air does in fact rise up and make our third floor hot again. I get where I want to find the thermostat and turn off the boiler system. The heating is just too much. No matter the thermostat temperature, I am always too hot. The first floor is the one who is always the perfect temperature.