Thinking of window ac for mom

My lovely mother stores her portable air conditioner up inside the attic of her home for the cold seasons. In the warmth of spring, she asks my brother, Pinky, and I to carry it down and install it inside her bedroom window. The air conditioner has made it at least twenty years old, and it is enormous and heavy. It takes my bro and I, working together, to manage to put it back. It can be a difficult and lengthy process. We have to seek out that bulky air conditioner, bring it down an exceptionally steep and narrow set of stairs, scoot it down long hallway, through a skinny door, and then get it up within the window. It barely fits within this window, so it requires a great deal of adjusting. By the end for the installation process, Pinky and I have hurt ourselves. As the air conditioner still operates and supplies a fair amount of cooled air, my mother refuses to eliminate it. When the weather peters out, Pinky and I need to once again remove the air conditioner and cart it back into the attic. We have talked about purchasing her and secretly installing a ductless heat pump for mom. The heat pump might possibly be permanently installed, and could provide both heating and cooling capacity. Although the ductless unit could be far more compact than the old portable air conditioner, it is equally powerful and seriously more energy efficient. My mother would advantage greatly from the new equipment all year, without losing the view in her window.

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