I think a smart thermostat is cool

Have you ever heard of a smart thermostat, one that you can connect to the WIFI in your house and can control anywhere using your smart phone? If you haven’t then you should look into it, I have thought about getting one when I am able to get a new unit for my house. I live in a Southerner state when it can be cold in the morning and warm by the time I get home from work. Being able to change my thermostat from work would be very convenient on days that the temperature changes while I am away from home. On days where it starts cold I would have the heater on, but if it ends warm I don’t want to come home to a hot house. I would be able to turn off my heater and turn on my air conditioning while using my smartphone from work.  On days where it ends cold I definitely would not want to come home to a cold house because I get so cold so easy. I like to be able to come home and feel comfortable right away. I am one of those people that hate having to wait for the air conditioner or the heater to turn on so that I can be comfortable in my own house. A smart thermostat is great for people that live in a state like I do where it may start out either warm or cold and then changes halfway through the day.

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