My thermostat is not turning on

Something is wrong with my air conditioning system. I have lately been experiencing issues with the thermostat. The thermostat on my air conditioner will not be set lower than seventy two degrees. I love my air conditioner and I especially depend on it to sleep at night time. Lately the air conditioner has not necessarily been doing its job. It will not cool my bedroom. I am wondering if at night when I altered the temperature if I messed up the device. I merely set it at a program to only cool to seventy two degrees. It used to work well and my bedroom was cold when I wanted it to be. Now I cannot set the temperature any lower. It stinks having virtually no temperature control. I think what I want to do is call a HVAC technician to take a look at the thermostat. Or perhaps a cheaper option is always to look up online and see if anybody else has been experiencing these issues. I must have hit a wrong button or my machine is dirty. It should be a quick and inexpensive fix. Maybe my air conditioner is unusually old and going senile. Maybe it is not aware that it can cool more than seventy two degrees. Whatever the catch is, I need to have it fixed straight away. I am sweating to death at night as a result of this A/C unit. I need it back to controlling my environment so I am able to have an easy night of sleep. I should get on that today.

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