Thermostat moving up in the Winter

When I was growing up, money ended up being extremely tight. Although my dad and mom both worked full-time jobs, there was six children to take care of, and we lived in a giant old house that required consistent upkeep and repairs. We attempted to save money in every manner possible. We cut coupons, wore hand-me-downs, grew our own vegetables and fruits, and never went on vacation. Our house was always freezing cold inside the winter and super overheated inside the summer. Although there was a fairly modern HVAC system installed, the house was not well insulated and there was always a tremendous amount of energy waste. My parents were always saving up money to replace our windows and doors, add insulation, and replace the roof. In the meantime, we kept the thermostat set to minimize use of the furnace and air conditioner. Within the summer, it wasn’t that bad. We could open the windows, let in a breeze, and every one of us had box fans inside of our bedrooms. The winter months, then again, were excruciating. The outside environment often dropped below zero, and those old, hardwood floors were frosty as ice. Plus, there were drafts and cold spots in just about every room. We bundled up with wool socks and multiple layers of sweaters, and still we could not stop shivering. Whenever my parents weren’t looking, one of us kids would crank up the thermostat by a few degrees fahrenheit. When the furnace kicked on, we all huddled near the supply vent and the blast of heat felt amazing. Either my mom or dad always heard the heater launch, and would immediately run to adjust the thermostat back down. We when then be yelled at for wasting energy, but it was certainly worth it.

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