There’s a lot of stuff laying around

When I was a small child, our family lived in the country and I fell in love with nature. I can remember that house, and the tree that sat outside of my bedroom window that I used to dream would take me away in my treehouse. There were so many different colored flowers throughout the years, it was a rainbow of beauty.  No matter what time of the year, there was constantly some type of animal in the tree wishing me goodnight. When I was ten, our parents moved us to the city and I was devastated. My Mom had to take a job with a large law firm after my dad died suddenly. She had to be closer to the courthouse. I liked living in the city after I got used to it, and I’ve been here ever since. Sometimes, though, I find myself in the middle of the day thinking of my childhood home. So, I go to the country and stay for a few nights. I like being away from the city lights and hustling, because I can smell the fresh air as clean as it is. Most lodges do not have any type of central air conditioning system at all, which is how I prefer it. I like to open the windows and let the breeze filter through. If it doesn’t bother me not having the air conditioning, all the better. It’s cooler while in the warm season, so I do not need to use the air conditioning at all anyway and my wife doesn’t mind either. With the windows open all day, the whole lodge smells like trees and fresh cut leaves. I just love everything about that summer smell, because it reminds me of growing up in the country. It’s constantly nice to come back to the city by the end of my stat, because I miss being home. I constantly miss having the air conditioning running at evening time for the hum that puts me to sleep.  It’s taxing to sleep with the windows open too, because there are so several animals in the woods that you have to watch out for. It’s even harder to sleep with them closed, because there is no breeze at all or hum that I am used to. It’s a delicate balance between safety and comfort. At home, I do not have to worry about our central Heating and A/C system. It constantly keeps me more comfortable than I could have thought, no matter what the outdoor weather is like.

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