The heater in our garage

About three years ago, I purchased an ancient auto garage with the intentions of converting it into a gym. I’d seen countless videos over the years of the most famous people and athletes, and at some point they had owned their own gym. Even if it was just a garage at first, I was dedicated to pursuing our dreams of being a professional bodybuilder, so I needed to find a way to have unlimited time for exercise, even when I was working. After buying the property, I started investing in weight sets and benches, so I could have the critical tools to operate the gym. It took a few weeks to get enough gym memberships to keep the place running, however it wasn’t all easy. I was forced to sell much of our furniture and possessions, left our new home and lived out of the office in the garage. I slept on the uncomfortable pull-out bed in the office sofa, and cooked most of our food on a grill outside… None of it was easy, however the hardest part was trying to sleep in a garage with no climate control. I invested in a small space gas furnace to keep me from freezing to death at night, however it stopped working after only a week.  Gym members were complaining about working out in the frigid place too. So I made a decision to invest in a heating system for the garage space rather than buy a new squat rack. I found a ductless heat pump plan for a far lower price than I expected  and after installing it the difference was absolutely incredible. It was much more comfortable indoors, and the members were glad to work out in a “tough guy” gym without freezing solid. It proved to pay for itself too, since the members starting bringing guests with them that became members. I still live out of the office, but that’s just because I don’t see the point in buying a new home just yet. I’ve got all I need for now, and that’s what it takes to be a champion!

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