The heater at the vet

We just adopted a kitten a week ago. He was adjusting to our home nicely, but we still needed take him to the veterinarian. When a kitten reaches a particular age, he has to get a few vaccinations and have a check-up. Just the other day, we were able to take him into the vet. It was not a good experience trying to get him into the cat carrier, that’s for sure. We finally were able to get him situated, and drove to the local vet. There was a large line of people in that waiting room, and the HVAC system was apparently no longer working too well. It was the middle of July, yet it felt as though the air conditioner wasn’t even on. It was sweltering hot! I could feel air coming from the ductwork and right out of the vents, but it felt warm. I sat down and wiped my brow with the use of a paper towel. HVAC systems are an extremely important part of life, especially in a business environment. There was another vet downtown, and if they had a working air conditioner I was definitely going there next time! They finally called my name and we headed into the room to see the veterinarian. I asked her why it was so hot in the clinic since we were dying just waiting to be seen. She told me that they had called for an HVAC repairman to come in later that day to fix their HVAC system. I was happy for the people that wouldn’t have to face the discomfort later on, but that did nothing for my personal comfort level at that time. I couldn’t wait to get home to my own air conditioner!

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