The car is very old

My lovely bride & I got blessed this past weekend. Our aged vehicle suffered a honestly bad transmission problem, & my lovely bride had to borrow her father’s vehicle to get to work. While she was at work, both of us found her a nice brand new sedan. Now both of us just needed to get rid of the aged clunker! It had so several problems, including a broken cooling system! Car’s have bizarre types of cooling systems than homes, so I had no system how to repair it. I am a certified a/c and heat contractor, & I have been working on heating & cooling systems for about 20 years now. It had all started as  a little side job 1 summertime when I was a teenager. My cousin owned a small a/c and heat service shop, & she provided myself and others a summertime job with him. It was so much fun to learn all about the a/c and heat service business. I made a lot of needed extra cash too. I loved fixing heating & cooling systems so much, that I decided to follow in my cousin’s footsteps. After I finished high school, I went to work full time with my my cousin at her a/c and heat business. I l received everything there is to know about the a/c and heat business from my awesome cousin. Now, I own my honestly own a/c and heat service business. I like it so much! I found a girl that wants to but my lovely bride’s aged sedan. She even knows how to repair the cooling plan in the sedan!HVAC unit