The balance of heating/air

I can’t stand budgets, I despise them. I have never been able to stay on any kind of financial budget no matter how hard I try. I don’t particularly enjoy calling myself an impulse shopper, but when sales just jump out upon me, I can’t help myself, however just the other day at the grocery store I absolutely destroyed our shopping list. I know I have to have one in order to not go crazy! But, I just saw good sales on unique fresh foods and the dishes in my mind were set off! I was so excited to create these fun and wholesome meals, that I forgot about our budget unfortunately. On a more recent occasion, when the Heating and A/C serviceman was at our home doing his routine repair servicing of our air filters, my spouse broached our financial issues, he told him about how our utility costs are skyrocketing this year with ridiculous change in seasons. We are using the heating more than ever right now. But worse, we keep forgetting when we have turned it on. The change in weather is relentless with temperature change upon us. That is where we are losing all of our money right now, but one of us will turn on the a/c or the heating without telling anyone, then leave the house with it running! He recommended a quick install of the Smart App in our control unit and onto our cellular phones. This way we could monitor the Heating and A/C situation from our iphones and even get alerts! This sounded like a wonderful solution!

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