The baby room

Last month, I had my child at the nurse for her 7 year check up.  When the nurse checked us in, she told us that the room we typically went to was down, so both of us would be in the room they reserve for infants.  I didn’t really think anything of it at first but then when both of us walked into the room, it felt so hot. I right away began to start perspiring plus my child complained about the heat as well as asked to go to her normal room.  The nurse apologized for the terrible inconvenience plus explained that each exam room has its own climate control setting plus they keep the infant room turned up a little higher than the normal exam rooms. After the nurse explained this, it actually makes sense that they would keep the temperature a little higher for the room they use for infants.  When the infants go to the nurse, they are usually stripped down to their diapers so they need some additional warmth. I suppose it is a smart thing they are doing with their gas furnace. I know that if I had an infant, I would be grateful for the extra heat in the room. After the nurse was done explaining all of this to us, my child was still full of questions.  So the nurse was very patient plus answered each of her questions. She also explained to my 7 year old that people of various ages are more sensitive to heat temperatures. She explained that the elderly are also more sensitive to the freezing temperatures, so they keep other rooms on the warmer side for their older patients as well. Before the nurse left the room, she told my child that they were actually incredibly lucky to have a Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C device that allowed them to keep each exam room set to its own climate control setting, because it is better for their patients.heater