The temperatures keep dropping

My spouse and i had to leave for a hurricane last weekend. The weather channel was calling for the category 5 hurricane, with winds reaching over 80 miles per hour. There was no way we could stay in the location and stick it out. We were required to pack up all our possessions, along with our small pet dog and drive north. Thankfully, my husband’s parents reside a few states above us and we had a nice place to stay for some days. We very rarely get the opportunity to go visit with them, so they were willing to let us stay with them during the bad weather. When most people arrived, they showed us to our room and let us settle in. They warned us that their HVAC system was providing them with some issues, and the guest room upstairs wasn’t being cooled at all. We were thankful for lodging, and thought it would be ok. About halfway through the night, the two of us woke up in puddles from perspiring. The overhead fan was singing above us while we laid along with all the blankets. We looked around in any the closets and tried to uncover another usable fan, but we had no luck. There wasn’t any air flow coming through the windows as well. Instead, the two of us moved as a result to the livingroom couch for the rest of the evening. As we were running down the steps, we could instantly feel the temperature drop many degrees. We were to sleep on the couch for the rest of our visit.

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