This temperature control is great

My father and I have in recent years become very fascinated by winemaking. Although we have made wine as a hobby for the last few years, we’ve decided to turn this interest into a company. Because my father is a successful grape farmer, with hundreds of acres of vineyards, we have an abundance of fruit at our disposal. We constructed a facility over the farm to accommodate the winemaking process and give storage for the carboys along with the finished product. The building has electric, very insulated, and we needed design some type of temperature control. In our area, we experience a big change in weather, from sub zero temperatures in the winter, to severe heat and humidity in the summer. The wine must be maintained at a moderate and consistent temperature year round. We needed to outfit this building with both heating and cooling equipment, but we wanted to limit our spending. We had no idea if we would ever turn a profit on our efforts. My father and I were not prepared to spend on ductwork, and we also had no access natural gas. After speaking with a licensed HVAC contractor, we opted for a ductless heat pump to handle the year round temperature control. The heat pump is electric and supplies both heating and cooling power. The system itself is rather expensive, but the installation is reasonably simple and the heat pump is really energy efficient. It will not cost us much to run the heat pump all year, and the components need very little space.

heat pump unit