Temperature control on the boat

I know the best part about living on a boat is that you never have to mow the sod, however of all the things I miss about the land, mowing the lawn was my least favorite thing in the world. My loving wifey and I used to have a large property, so that would be a 3 hours of labor at least. These days, we live on a nice houseboat, but the only hassle is that occasionally we get pretty rough storms, so that can be a little nerve-racking. Otherwise though, it is nothing however smooth sailing, so to speak. Realistically, though, we are docked most of the time though. we like resting out back under the awning when the weather is nice and basking in our fantastic weather conditions control when it is ratty out, then part of the advantage of living on a boat is that running the Heating and A/C idea is far cheaper than doing so in a traditional house setting. The boat is much smaller, so heating and cooling is naturally way more energy efficient. One day, we realized we had an issue with our a/c for a while that we could not set it low enough, as soon as the temperature rose and the temperature control was triggered, it would only be a matter of 2 minutes before we found the a/c oppressively chilly. We decided to have a professional team of Heating and A/C specialists come in to check out our equipment, however it turned out that this particular  a/c we had was just too powerful for the small space we inhabit. We were needing to update it with a weaker air conditioning system system.

air conditioner unit