This temperature control barely works

I live out in the country, where there are very few houses and lots of open land.  I appreciate the peach and quiet and the privacy. There is rarely a automobile on the street, and I never get anyone stopping by to say “hi”.  Unfortunately, in this area, the internet is not very reliable. It is not strange for myself and others to lose internet connection multiple times throughout the week.  Because of this, I have not dared to invest in a Wi-Fi control unit. I am currently getting by with an old, ugly plastic dial which requires manual adjustments to the temperature.  It serves its purpose, effectively regulating the furnace and air conditioner. It isn’t precise or convenient and provides no current features though. When I decided it was time to update the control unit, I started researching the newer products on the market.  Although a Wi-Fi control component is priced a bit high, it might produce significant energy savings. A smart control component builds a program according to my behavior and then automatically adjusts. Throughout the week, it keeps track of the times, days, and in which rooms temperature settings are adjusted, and then it creates a schedule.  Plus, there are sensors which are aware of whether or not the room is occupied. Some models even track the location of your iphone, and adjust the heating and cooling to maximize comfort and energy saving. I sometimes thing that with my unpredictable internet, the smart control component will not function right. It would fail to build an accurate program, be unable to link to my furnace and air conditioner, and this would either waste energy or cause an uncomfortable house.  

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