Taking the thermostat off the wall

I like to read how-to instructions for repairs around the house. From simple 30 minute jobs to all weekend projects, all of these amateur fixes to household issues satisfy my desire to keep my house running smooth like a well-oiled machine. Some appliances, regardless of the care you provide for them, will inevitably die on you. That’s the drawbacks. Just recently, my old thermostat broke down, which was a bad day indeed. When I was a kid, my father showed me how to fix a lot of stuff around the house. One of the things he taught me was adjusting the thermostat manually, which required taking the thermostat off the wall. Within the thermostat was another thermometer, and we would adjust that thermometer’s base reading using a different thermometer. It seems ridiculous, yes, but doing it made sure the HVAC unit would only turn on when it was actually cold or warm enough to turn on! It was a simple, easy fix as long as you had a set of pliers. Like I mentioned though, little fixes won’t always keep everything running like it used to. It made me annoyed than most when that thermostat stopped working. Sure, I just had to go out and pick up a new digital one to replace my old analog thermostat, but I still kept the old one. Sentimentality never hurt anyone, right? I have to admit though, the new digital thermostat doesn’t ever seem to require much upkeep. It’s moved along without issues so far, so maybe small repairs aren’t always needed.

digital thermostat