Stopping at an air conditioned lounge.

I live in a town and have a job that does not allow me to let loose. I am expected to keep up a certain image since I represent both myself and my company. Sometimes I want to get out and have fun. I cannot do that where I live, so I head out to the city, which is a few hours away. I meet up with my best friend who lives in the city. We get something to eat, go shopping, and normally end the day going out somewhere. We typically go to packed clubs and bars where we can dance and drink and have a good time, but this time we decided we wanted something that was more low key. We ended up stopping by a lounge. It was completely different from most of the clubs and bars we usually go to. It had decent lighting and was separated into two distinct areas. One part of the building had a stage and a dance floor for those who wanted to party. The other part of the building was set up as a bar and cafe. It was still loud and vibrant, but it also had a relaxed vibe going on. The best part about it was that there was cool air conditioning. Whenever we go out, the clubs and bars are so packed that it gets hot and uncomfortable, often feeling like there is no air conditioning on. The lounge, however, was nothing like that. There were plenty of people, but not so many that we could not tell that the air conditioning was on. Instead, it was nice and cool. We were comfortable and relaxed. We were able to sit in the cool lounge and drink some coffee for a few hours, then go home.

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