Still want AC

I live in the northeastern region of the country, and we endure long winters. Through the majority of the year, the weather is chilled and wet, and we really have no choice but to run a furnace. Since I absolutely despise the freezing temperatures and all the snow, I wait anxiously for the summer to come around. I just want to enjoy every moment of that wonderful sunshine, and I spend most of my time outdoors. I enjoy pulling weeds in the backyard garden, trimming the shrubs, and mowing the lawn. I enjoy swimming inside my pool and lying in direct sunlight getting a tan. At the end of a hot and long afternoon, I look forward to stepping inside my air conditioned residence. Although our summer season only lasts a couple of months, it is worth it to experience a nice central cooling system. The nights can be hot and humid, making it rather difficult to sleep. I typically don’t want to waste my summer feeling overheated, sweaty and tired. Part of appreciating the the sunshine is having a perfectly climate controlled home. The air conditioner allows me to keep the windows shut and prevents exterior dirt, bugs, and noise from coming inside. I don’t have to listen to barking dogs, tweeting birds or traffic noises. I am not forced to inhale exhaust fumes, pollen, or dust. My house remains cleaner and healthier is far more pleasant. I like that I can easily adjust the thermostat to my preference throughout every season. While there are usually a couple of weeks in the spring and fall when you don’t need to operate the furnace or the air conditioner, I prefer to set the temperature anyway. Keeping my home at the perfect temperature allows me to relax and be more productive.

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