Spending the day at the courthouse

My cousin Penelope awhile back got into some legal trouble. She was on her phone, not paying attention plus totally ran a stop sign. She T-boned this older gentleman plus ending up hurting him pretty bad. The other man went to the hospital plus proceeded to sue my sibling. He got a personal injury lawyer that specializes in auto accidents. My cousin Penelope was then forced to get an attorney to protect her interests, fight for her rights plus try to save herself quite a bit of money in the long run. Thankfully the numerous attorneys were good to go to settle the case just between the group of them, rather than particularly go to court. My cousin Penelope had to pay a pretty big chunk of money to the guy that she t-boned, however but, I consider it a win win since he did not have to go to court plus have it on his record. Also his car insurance would have increased plus the longer his lawyer stuck around, the more he would cost, lawyers don’t get paid for a easy personal injury case. They are paid by how much time they spend. The quick resolution was the best for both parties. My cousin still has his license, but I am cheerful to say that she is considerably more careful now that he had to go through all of those legal nuisances, however nothing wises a lady up more than way too much money spent plus the occasion of a little jail time. She was forever considered the bad one in the family.

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