Source of heating

I had spent my whole life in the southern area of the country by pure love of the area. But, then I was given a rare opportunity and great job, but it meant that I would have to relocate to the northeast where I heard it was freezing with tons of snow and blizzards  I took the job, but wasn’t sure the payoff was worth it! So, soon, I moved everything I had to a house near the downtown offices I was assigned. It wanted to live not far from my office, so that I could even consider walking to work if the weather was nice or not. My first cold season in the northeast was definitely an eye opener for this warm body.  I had never honestly experienced snow at least not tens of feet of snow like I had. I could not remember using the furnace much at our condo in the south or even we had one, now that I think about it. Here the furnace ran 24/7 while for endless months of the year. My condo was on the fourth floor of a loft building. There was steam heat in place with radiators in all the rooms that I had never seen before.  I suddenly l acquired from living there just a couple of months, that being on the top floor had some downsides you couldn’t take back. Namely, it was the hottest floor in the building because heat rises fast. Also there was an elderly woman residing directly below me who was constantly cold blooded leaving her radiators open full blast most of the day and nights as I could hear them. I remember thinking it was similar to radiant heated floors because my floors were like a nice sauna due to her condo being so hot.  Soon, I would figure out that in order to keep my condo comfortable for myself, I would have to open many window a few inches in many parts of the condo so that some of the hot air could escape and the winter air come in, it was crazy. My first Wintertime in the northeast was definitely memorable and one for the books in my short life. The people I was with and I had a sizable blizzard & numerous feet of snow. I could not get to work for almost a week at one point. The whole city was shut down, I had never seen anything about it. But at least it was nice moderate temperature in my overheated apartment.  

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