Snow days–

My house is my favorite place to be, especially during winter! I live in a place that receives several feet of snow during the cold months, so I take refuge when the temperatures drop. The thing that makes my house so cozy is the radiant flooring system. These are heated floors that send warm air through a set of coils that are installed beneath floorboards. They get my house warm in just a few minutes, and they disperse the heat so evenly that there are never any cold spots! In my old house, I had a problem with cold spots because I had a normal HVAC unit. Because it was only able to send heat through a few air vents, it took forever to get the entire house feeling cozy. Now, I get very excited after a hard snow because I know that I will get to make use of my radiant floors. I have been harping on and on about how great they are to all of my friends and neighbors for the past year, and I have even convinced a couple of them to have them installed in their own homes. After having experienced how great heated floors are, I don’t think that I would ever consider living anywhere else. In fact, I will probably live out the rest of my days in this house. I have a great job here and tons of friends, so I don’t see why I would ever move. Heated floors are the way to go for people who live in cold areas.

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