Snob about a/c

I have a good friend, who I love dearly, although he can sometimes be a bit of a snob. You see, my friend has always lived in luxury; his parents always gave him the best of everything, and he is privileged, and sometimes he has a hard time understanding others and their struggles. I, on the other hand, grew up rather poor, and my family could not afford to give me the best of anything. When I talk to my friend, I have to be careful not to be offended by the things he flippantly says. Most recently, the topic turned to air conditioner, particularly, being able to do laundry in the air conditioning. He was telling me that he and his spouse were house hunting, and they were so frustrated that they could not find a home that had a laundry room within the house itself. He talked and talked about how he was not going to do his laundry out in the garage where there was no air conditioner. I mentioned, somewhat pointedly, that my laundry is out in the garage, and I am quite happy about it! If my laundry were indoors, my air conditioner device would have to work harder to keep my house to the temperature I set my thermostat at! Because my laundry is in the garage, I do not have to worry about a high electric bill. My friend scoffed a little. He would rather have comfort in his air conditioner than a low electric bill because the HVAC system ran too much. I had to kindly remind him that some of us do not have the privilege of choosing comfort over spending money.

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