Smart thermostat with guests over

Every relationship has many unique, necessary compromises for everyone to remain happy, and mine is zero different. My husband is extremely social and likes to have people around always. I’m a bit of a introvert, to say the minimum. That’s why it’s so complicated when he decides to invite people over and I have to get over my own discomfort to be a good hostess. I try my very best, but there are times that I prefer to hide from the guests and become alone. That’s one reason why I so want to get a remote temperature control for our new home. There are many times that I excuse myself to be alone, but realize that the temperature upstairs in our bedroom is strangely uncomfortable. I get too nervous and embarrassed to go down and change the thermostat, certainly because I’ve usually told some of our guests that I’m headed to  bed. Because I don’t like to get caught fiddling with the temps controls, I just sit inside my room and suffer in uncomfortable coldness before they all leave and I can go turn up the heat. If we owned  a remote controlled thermostat, I would be able to  easily rectify the temperature differences while using the click of a button on my smartphone. I wouldn’t have to leave my room to regulate the thermostat, and I might have nothing to be embarrassed concerning about. The guests would be none-the-wiser to help my thermostat adjustment, and I could relax a little easier in the perfect warm temperature settings for my bedroom hideaway.

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