My sleep is way out of whack

My sleep schedule can be all over the place with my line of work. But, one of the things that helps me to get to sleep no matter how long I have been awake is the temperature of the room I am in. Sleep is really important to keeping your health in check and regulating your biological clock. The last thing I want ruining my sleep is an inefficient HVAC system in my home. I like to keep my home around 72 degrees Fahrenheit, and the cooler it is, the better I sleep. I can’t remember the last time I was able to have a good restful sleep when it was too warm. I dehydrate easily. I wake in the middle of the night because my body temperature will go up. I’ll wake up with my sheets drenched in sweat. I need the place to be crisp and breathable. I change my air filters monthly if I have to. I have service visits at the very, very least before summer and winter. Those are the most pivotal times to have working air conditioning in my home. Without good cool air in the home, my sleep is just out of whack, and it affects every aspect of my life. I have a ceiling fan, which helps a bit, but I hate to have to run a fan for 8 hours straight. One of these days the thing will come of the ceiling. It’s not an energy cost I want to add to me bill. The best thing for me is to keep it cool, and when I can open windows and let cool air in to help me sleep.

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